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Let’s Talk About SEX!

Debunking myths and stigma surrounding SEX



Understanding how to treat a professional woman in this industry may be a minefield for first time clients.  A lot of what we as sex professionals expect from our clients is common sense.  For example:  when it comes to how you would treat any other person who provides a service to you (eg a shop assistant or barber even your medical professional or work colleague).


Here are a few tips :

Personal Hygiene

Is not only an expectation for our ladies but, also for our clients. We understand some clients visit us after a hard days work so we provide complimentary bathroom products for your use while showering in your suite. For those men who are uncircumcised pulling the foreskin back and cleaning and drying the genital area is very important. If you have any skin concerns our lovely hostesses are able to recommend the best course of action. We also work closely with a KOBI House, Sexual Health Clinic, based at the Toowoomba Base Hospital.  The staff there provide a discrete, friendly, and confidential service.

Our ladies understand that some people may be nervous about a sexual examination prior to a booking.  They will always do their best to put your mind at ease. Remember it’s about keeping all parties safe.

Sex professionals, in Queensland who work in a brothel, are required by law to be health certified every three months.

Furthermore, it is a legal requirement (and subject to fines or shutdown) if a sex worker is under the influence – they will be subject to on-the-spot random drug testing by management.  If tested positive they will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

NEXT – Does Size Matter?

Why won’t guys talk about them and why is everyone so obsessed with their size? Coming from a sex professional, it may seem a bit ‘out there’ how open and happy we are to talk about all of the taboos and ‘in’s & out’s’ of sexual exploration and carnal pleasure. To this end, we hope to re-educate and create an accepting environment for all people no matter what size/shape or level of expertise you have!

My mother always said two things “Everyone is different in their own way,” and “There is more than one way to skin a cat”.  That being said, she wasn’t talking about sexual gratification.  However, those tidbits of wisdom/sayings have always stuck with me!

Eighty percent (80%) of woman find it hard to orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, most need a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation to climax. So, when you might think size is everything: remember its also about exploring each others body; and how your partner reacts to being stimulated.  This will ensure that your bedroom expertise can only get stronger. Additionally, there is a great range of couples toys for both yours and her pleasure, most sex professionals carry a variety of toys used for pleasure and/or education purposes. We are happy to help you in this play game and make you the expert in no time 🙂

NEXT – The Safer Option

The old term “don’t be a fool wrap your tool”  and the campaign slogan “Íf it’s not on – then it’s not on” really must have hit home to the younger populace.  For instance, in the 1950’s only twenty percent (20%) of sexually active people used condoms during their first sexual experience.  This has risen to ninety percent (90%) of people since the 2000’s.

Contrary to widely held community perceptions, research in Australia has consistently demonstrated that female sex workers have a higher standard of sexual health than the general population.”  Reference by The Kirby Institute, HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible industry statistics Prostitution Licensing Authority infections in Australia Annual Surveillance Report 2011.

Sexually transmissible infections (STI) in Australian sex workers are amongst the lowest in the world. Sex workers care about their sexual health because staying healthy and well is central to their livelihood. The consistent use of prophylactics with clients is the norm in the sex industry. In Queensland, it is illegal for sex workers and clients to engage in sexual intercourse or oral sex without the use of prophylactics and it is illegal for clients to ask for unprotected sexual intercourse or oral sex.

In Queensland, all sex professionals working in a licensed brothel must have a current health certificate and is required to maintain this every 12 weeks. Each sex professional must pass internal and external physical exam along with blood tests before they are cleared to work.

Therefore it makes sense that engaging the services of a sex professional is safer than an unprotected one-night stand, and sure has a lot fewer strings attached !! 



When in doubt please see your local sexual health professional

local sexual health clinic