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Deviate on down and meet our friendly Duty Managers that are more than happy to go over any questions you may have, and ensure every Deviations experience is a memorable one.

Deviations is a fully licenced legal brothel, where you will be treated with respect, confidentiality,we encourage you to explore & Indulge in your wildest fantasies with our luscious ladies and handsome gentlemen, while being pampered in one of our luxurious rooms – as you enjoy the full attention of one or maybe more, of our sensual service providers. Once through the front door, a world of sophistication and seduction will be upon you. No expense has been spared to ensure that Deviations is one of the most luxurious 5 star boutique parlours in Queensland. We strive to make a variety of our lovely ladies/men available for you to meet (should you have a particular preference, please book ahead of time).

It is our mission here at Deviations to not only offer an all-round high standard of service, in addition to mutually providing the kind of experience which enables the establishment of quality and repeat clientele. We aim to communicate and project a professional image which not only upholds both PLA legislation and associated requirements, but also personal boundaries held by each Service Provider. In doing so, our mission to provide a more superior standard of service will also allow for the incorporation of fun, honesty, integrity and concern for our clientele, and their individual needs.

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30 thoughts on “About Us

  1. To Noela Konig,
    Never been and may never come but I have to say I was intrigued by the article I read on the Chronicle Web page.
    I have known of Devations for some time now but never bothered to look into it any more than a passing glance, but that article shows just how professional you and the ladies are.
    I believe that the service provided show respect and care in all aspects and fully support your attempt to reveal what most people see as seedy or ugly industry.
    If I do decide to visit I actually hope to congratulate you in person for what I believe is a worthwhile business.

    • Good afternoon Ian
      I would like to thank you for your feedback, here at Deviations we pride ourselves on upholding a high standard in accordance with Queensland law and our own policy and procedures to continue to provide the best quality service and facilities to our service providers and our wonderful clientele.
      It is refreshing to have such positive feedback from the community and we continually strive to become the leader in personal services in Toowoomba.
      Thank you again for your support.
      Kind regards
      Nola Konig

  2. Hey deviations 🙋 i am yet to visit your establishment, however i have been researching and it sounds great !!
    It would be great if u could have a logon for members…and to be able to see the wonderful staff you have available on a particular night…
    Thank-you for your services…i am a total fan😆
    As i said b4…i am yet to experience your services…but would love to become a member anyway😊 if that’s possible?

    • Hi if you click on the roster section daily we have who is available, we have a VIP club for frequent visitors, we you come in you can join up.

  3. Just wondering if you would have any work avalable pls im 27yr old female avalable to work asap

    • Hi Kathryn, please give me a call on 0473236391 to discuss employment, rosters fill up quickly so if your genuine please call me, Thanks Nola

      • Hi Kathryn, we are always looking for staff please call or drop in after 4pm wed-sun to have a chat and we can get you started. Nola


    • Hi Ross, its difficult to say, it can change on a dime, give us a call and we can let you know if its busy!

  4. Hey just wondering how I’d be able to start working with you guys? Cheers x

    • We are always looking for service providers, come in and have a chat and we can get you on shift as soon as possible.

    • Hi Candy, we are always happy for new ladies to join us, give me a call on 07 46131133 and we can discuss a start date, if you could email me your stats and a recent head pic, please no nudes, to deviations09@gmail.com so i add you to our website prior to your arrival. Thanks Nola

      • Your picture will not be used in promo, we use likeness shots only, never your own unless you ask us to.

  5. Hi,
    Do you have much demand out there for straight male escorts? I’m tall, fit, healthy and very clean.

    Hope to hear.back from you……

  6. I seen Joy last week when is she back next as i dont see her advertised.
    I had the most amazing time and i want to see her again

    • Hey Jason
      Joy is making her way in now. If you could call us on 0448005201
      We can book a time for you and Joy.

      • Hey my boys come in last week and had a threesum with a cool chick what was her name? As we want to book her again as she goes off

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